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It is essential to circulate clean engine oil to maintain an engine’s best condition. When impurities such as sludge and metallic powder are in the circulating engine oil, they damage engine components, decrease an engine's life span and fuel efficiency, and cause the engine noise to worsen.

TOYOTA BOSHOKU oil filters always provide clean engine oil by filtering impurities generated by the engine.

Commitment of TOYOTA BOSHOKU oil filter

Capture impurities by using high performance filter media

Use high efficient filter media made with fine fibers. This captures sludge and metallic particles in the engine oil to provide the engine with clean oil.

Enlarged view of filter media

Maintain oil pressure and flow volume

Keep oil pressure and flow volume in the best state by adopting high performance filter media which provides ease of engine oil flow and by designing each component carefully in order to enable an engine to operate efficiently.

Seal engine oil steadily

TOYOTA BOSHOKU oil filter gaskets are designed to bear extreme environmental conditions. Select materials which are excellent for heat and cold resistance to seal engine oil with certainty.

For Motorcycles oil filter

The real thing does not disappoint any scene

The TOYOTA BOSHOKU oil filter is a high-performance oil filter whose parts are carefully selected from the best materials for engines with high rotation and high load, characteristic of motorcycles, making use of the many years of experience and know-how as a genuine parts manufacturer.
We produce safe and secure motorcycle oil filters with results that do not disappoint customers in any situation.